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13.2 Autoridade >Pedagogia da Companhia de Jesus

José Manuel Martins Lopes
Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Braga
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We live on an era in which family (the institution where children first experience discipline) and School authority, often is seen with undefined outlines. The use of authority sometimes is confounded with authoritativeness by whom is in charge of using it as well who is the object of his action.
Society of Jesus allways putted a great deal on the use of authority on Educational Institutions that were at his charge. The use of authority, on the Society of Jesus pedagogy, it is a “must” in order to create an environment where pupil can grow healthy as a person.
It is this article purpose, to clarify concepts (authority versus authoritativeness) and to explain how obedience is understood by Society of Jesus on a context of mutual charity.
At last: a reflection is made about the way Society of Jesus use authority in his pedagogy, taking the conclusion that it is a way of being that has more to do with a testimony of life and it’s particular way of procedure.


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