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14.2 “Narrativas do Feminino” na Cristandade. Antropologia cultural e constructos eclesiásticos de género

José Carlos Lopes de Miranda
Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Braga
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By setting human existence in a horizon of eternity, and of an eternity in action, Christian eschatology injured the radical relativism of the old Nature and, a fortiori, the culture, with all the social constructions, including those of gender. Thus, the social model of Christianity will know, in the eschatological reserve of the monasticism, ways of government which illustrate indifferently either the woman’s subjection to man, or a subjection of man to the woman. But the recent redefinition of the ordained ministry and of priesthood, with the abandonment of the distinction between Order and Jurisdiction, undermined that ancient way of achieving ecclesiastic gender parity.


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