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11.2 “Beatriz de Vilalva” (Camilo Castelo Branco): da realidade à ficção; da ficção à narração



“Beatriz de Vilalva” (Noites de Insónia, 1874) is one of the many texts by Camilo Castelo Branco which provides a reflection about the problem of the relationships between truth and fiction - central problem concerning both the poetics of fiction and the creative process in the Camilo’s work. In this short story, the author took advantage of true events, which he transformed with his creative imagination, in order to obtain a plot with the very characteristics of his fictional universe. More than comparing the factual data with the textual one (task already done by Jorge de Faria), what really matters is studying: the aesthetic and biographical motivations which underlie this creative work; the rhetoric and narrative techniques used by the author to build the story, the text and the narration; the intentions which lie behind the transformation introduced by the author in the factual basis.


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